Sign & Banner Industry

The main objective of using signs and banners for a business, is higher visibility among clutter of brands we live in today.
Visibility helps customers to locate what they have in mind and make them think to take a decision on the same.

Besides, it also triggers a consumer’s impulse to make purchases and contributes to the profit of the business. Although the main purpose of these is to increase revenue, signs and banners also enliven downtown commercial areas and encourage people to give patronage to local businesses.

The more a business flourishes, the more it contributes to the economy & generation of more employment.
There has always been a need for signs from those swaying wooden plaques during earlier times to billboards of the 1920s and finally by using creative ideas like colour, light and other visual elements to expand businesses and make the customer’s experience much more enjoyable.cost-efficient solution that prevents harmful UV rays from damaging the artwork, furniture, floor, etc in a house besides giving a beautiful look on the exteriors.

The sign industry in India saw a great deal of transformation in the last few decades. It has adapted to the changing times and has shown impressive development from its sourcing to manufacturing processes.

The growth of the retail and infrastructure industry, the increase in the number of MNCs and the boost in technological developments have all played important factors in expanding the signage industry. There have been many changes in the Indian Sign Industry in the last decade and the most significant one among those remains the slow but steady move towards domestic sourcing of raw goods rather than using imported goods, an aspect which was ruling the market for ages.

The number of manufacturing units found in the country has shot up in the recent past and R&D has taken centre stage in most company agendas. The awning and shades industry is related with the production of awnings and shades by using different materials such as fabric, wood, vinyl, metal, acrylic, etc has now an increased demand in India

However, many industry data suggests that the Indian Sign Industry is quite stagnant. This is basically due to a lack of awareness in semi-urban and rural parts of the country. As compared to the international signage market, the Indian market is quite lagging and would largely depend upon the measures taken by the companies so that it could stay on par with the others. The manufacturers should also start using eco-friendly solutions as per the laid down rules by the government.

Coming to the future growth perspective vis a vis past performances, the Indian flex banner market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.18%, over the recent years. It has witnessed decent growth in the past years as large colorful banners found their way into the advertisement space. Moreover, the investment costs behind these banners are not much thus making the market grow substantially. Many businesses opt for banners as solutions since they are affordable and with new printing technologies and PVC painting techniques attractive, high-definition banners are made which boosts their business promotions.

The entertainment industry always focuses on advertising and marketing which heavily affects the banner industry since most of the film promotions are done with banners throughout cities, towns and villages.

The Indian advertising industry is projected to be the second-fastest-growing advertising market in Asia, after China. Even retailers are focusing on solutions so that their brand presence is enhanced, and flex banner is the appropriate answer for them since it not only communicates with customers but is reducing the time required for convincing them. However, the ban on plastics in many parts of the country has restrained the growth of the industry and thus there is a shift noticed in digital advertising.

To conclude, advertising is necessary for generating awareness & thus business growth. The sign and banner industry would continue to remain a major face of advertisement as more & more organizations are shifting focus to explore the rural markets resulting in even higher demand for signs & banners. However, the future of sign & banner industry is lying with the focus on innovative & cost-effective derivatives that are more environmentally friendly.